Deltona, Florida    USA

Joe Bielawski, Founder, Author, CEO 

4 Teaser Pelagic Bait Rig.  $15.00

Bait Rig Daisy Chain

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New!  A trolling lure created especially to hold your bait, with an attached locking wire to place your ballyhoo right where you want it. 

Available as pictured in Blue/White, Lemon/Lime, Mexican Flag, Pink.

                            You may ask "Why do I need a special rig for my natural bait?" As you know, the scent put out by your bait will do a good job attracting your target but trolling it for any length of time will tear the bait up and you will have to bring it in, throw it out and put out another one. The 5 1/2" squid teaser covers the nose weight and wire wrapper, helping to hide the 7/0 3407 hook and cover the bait to keep it from shredding & pulling. It protects your bait, makes it stay fresher, last longer and track straighter, and increases its attraction by adding color and enhancing its movement. Best of all, it reduces the amount of handling of those yucky, smelly natural baits. Add a daisy chain with the 3 teasers properly weighted with an egg sinker and placed correctly for OPTIMAL action and presentation and you have created a fantastic sight picture for any foraging predator. 

All the teasers have multi tentacles to really work on ACTION and FLASH and are properly weighted and placed correctly. The daisy chain teasers point to the hook bait and create a bigger sight picture. This entire rig is designed to resemble that ever famous bait pod fleeing across the seas' surface. I run this rig with the 3 TEASERS just touching the sea surface and the TEASER/BAIT combo just cruising behind it. On calm, clear days, I would run this FURTHER back in the spread and raise the outriggers straight up to make the TEASERS + the BAIT really POP and SPLASH!. Try it.


  •  7+ feet of 100+ pound test MOMOI leader as the PRIMARY leader for this rig.
  •  3 color-coded 4,3/4 inch plastic squids properly weighted and placed in front of  THE BAITRIG. 
  • LARGE (6 inch) plastic squid in front of the DOUBLE holed crimp. This T'ZER covers up and QUIETS the WORST KIND OF SOUND predators don't like. It also ADDS COLOR and FLASH to the BALLYHOO (or other natural bait) and keeps the BALLYHOO fresher and STRONGER longer while waiting for that predator to STRIKE.  It is important for the SIGHT picture that will make that predator HOME in on this, your HOOKLURE. 
  • A longer length of locking wire for ANY sized BALLYHOO you want to use. 
  • A 1/8+ ounce EGG sinker to hold everything in place and keep it running STRAIGHT. 
  • Finally,  a 7/0 MUSTAD HD as the KILLER HOOK