Deltona, Florida    USA

Joe Bielawski, Founder, Author, CEO 

Use this TURBOTAIL T'ZER in front of your hook lure.  Attach the small swivel on the front of the teaser bird to your main line.  Attach the bird's snap swivel to the leader of your hook lure and you are ready to go and CATCH FISH!

Take a CLOSE look at this T'ZER BIRD, all 9 inches of it.  Notice that I've made some pretty cool modifications to it.   I've ADDED DOUBLECOLOR MATCHING SKIRTS to the bird. What that does is to CREATE more WHITE WATER, and SOUND that DRAWS all TUNA up from the depths where they rest, and puts them right in your lure SPREAD.

I've added some color coded HOLOGRAPHIC EFFECTS to EACH WING.   RIGHT!, each wing. Why put out a bird that just SPLASHES 'n TRASHES the seas SURFACE and DOESN'T send all that color down into the depths? I've even added STRIPS of HOLO to the TUNA TURBO'S SIDES. Y? 'Cause when that TURBO TAILED BIRD SLASHES ACROSS the water and does it's dance, I want that BIRD'S SIDES to send DOWN all that color (IMITATING BAITFISH being PREYED UPON) deep into the depths. That will ENHANCE the sounds of the TURBO BIRD working it's SCIENTIFIC MAGIC. That's why!

After years of sport fishing, catching everything from Sharks to Tuna to Marlin and Sails on BIRDS, I've found that sound alone DOESN'T WORK ALL the TIME! Now add that special HOLO EFFECT to the mix and your WACK'N 'N STACK'N those fish RIGHT up and into your cooler.
Now go back and look again. See if I'm right. All my records show that by adding a TUNA TURBO BIRD in front of your lures will increase your catch ration. ADD HOLO and BELIEVE IN IT!

Look at how I've rigged the TURBO TAIL T'ZER BIRD on 200lb test mono. NOTICE how I have HIDDEN the SNAPSWIVEL in the tail. Y .'Cause some sounds TURN OFF Tuna, that's why. I've watched 'em come up and thru the spread and AT THE LAST MINUTE turn away and dive down and out and AWAY! Now when I added a HEAVY squid OVER the snapswivel, that sound disappears, and the fish stay and get hooked up!  All you have to do is hook the bird up to your lures leader to TURN 'EM ON! YOUWZA!!!!

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Available as pictured in Yellow    Rainbow(w/o Holograph)    Green        Black

Turbo Tailed  T'Zer Bird

 Use in front of a hook lure to 'tease' those predators right up to your lure.  $15.00