Deltona, Florida    USA

Joe Bielawski, Founder, Author, CEO 

Available as pictured in  Pistelero,   Mexican Flag,   Holo Flyer,    Mahi Magician,   Lumo Green Streaker


40 + years of testing and REFINING has paid off with My OWN DESIGNED DEEP SEA TROLLING HEAD.  It weighs in at 1.5 ounces which makes for easy trolling @ 4-10 knots. It trolls in 4 knots in a FLAT SEA and trolls in ROUGH UGLY SEAS.  It Will NOT ROLL OVER and twist your line or POP OUT rough seas and cross over.  The specially designed HEAD makes the Skirts SURGE and FLOW and MOVE.

L AROUND inside, NOT just one THIN strip and not painted on.

The EYES in the head, are FACING FRONT TO BACK, NOT, TOP TO BOTTOM.  They focus the ATTACKING predator to the REAR of the lure WHERE the HOOK is positioned.

The NOSE ANGLE creates a small air bubble that makes the EYES stand out and the ROUND HEAD SHAPE shivers the skirts.  The proper HEAD LENGTH keeps everything in correct proportion and the REAR HEAD ANGLE FLARES the Skirts.

The MULTICOLORED SKIRTS make a sight picture that makes predators DECIDE to EAT.  The 1st Skirt sets up the VISUAL presentation and the 2nd Skirt lights up the 1st skirt and completes the bait look.  These Skirts can allow for the USE of strip baits, whole baits, or NO bait.

TEASERS are the 2nd SECRET of this lure.   EACH TEASER has TWO skirts for MULTIPLE tentacle action and is correctly weighted for that lure.  Each TEASER is in the correct position FROM each other, AND, the LURE.  The color and position of the TEASERS cause the SIGHT picture to come alive with colors, directing the predators eye to the Hook Lure, where he should be looking. These TEASERS help make this lure stand out, EVEN against the silvery seas SURFACE.

Add 7+ feet of 150 MOMOI LEADER,   Heavy Duty Crimps,   an Offshore Loop and HD crimp at your terminal end.   You can't go wrong with a setup like this.  

HINT...HINT...HINT... Always, always, cover up your snap swivel  with a 4 inch teaser.  That snap swivel, at certain speeds, will EMIT a sound that TUNA don't like, and they will leave. 'Nuff said.  

HINT...HINT...HINT... Sharp gaff(s), Tail Rope, Stun Club ARE A MUST!!

My Custom Designed Bullet Lure

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Bullet with T'Zers $22.00