Deltona, Florida    USA

Joe Bielawski, Founder, Author, CEO 

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                   4"  Zucchini                        Natural    4", 6"           Blue/Wh 4"painted,  6"holo          4" Purp/Blk holo       4"  Red/White               Mahi    4", 6"


 Ancient Mariner's Natural Action Cedars


Tired of making that long trek offshore, only to find the your quarry feeding on small baitfish up inside those long weed lines?     Ever see Pelagics, cracking the surface, leaping out of the water so INTENT on their prey,  that THEY IGNORE your offerings?   I've been there and done that too many times , NOT, to figure something out in how to get  them.   

 What you're seeing is your quarry fixated on
1.) Prey size
2.) Prey color
3.) prey action
This is how to get them to crash and slash and bash YOUR lures, instead of their natural prey.  What I've done is to take the correct size Cedars, paint them (color), fix movement (action) and added 3 teasers.

These are weed line action lures. These are also made to troll around floating objects and temperature breaks.   Either Pop them out close to the transom with  INLINE T'ZERS in the 2nd/3rd wake wave and WATCH them work.
With T'ZERS, you can have T'ZERS jumping ,scooting ,flipping , popping ABOUT in front of the CEDAR.    HINT...HINT....HINT... My Cedars natural action, plus the color really make this   system come alive. It will make your whole spread IRRESISTIBLE.   These CAN...CAN...CAN be run off your o/riggers.    With the inline T'ZERS,  my CEDAR acts just like a small predator really FOCUSED in on  his quarry and is OBLIVIOUS to what's behind him . Be SNEAKY and run a BIRD TEASER in front and watch the extra action.

Why did I do this? Because, when I was commercial fishing and I hit those weedlines, I saw, countless times, Tuna actually pushing into thru SARGASSUM weed. They were pushing out  all those small sea horses, crabs, baby Mahis, and countless other baitfish. Too many times  I've trolled around, thru, and besides the weeds and gotten N O T H I N G !!   Now I use what I learned as a commercial fisherman on my sport fishing trips out to the deep sea.

This system trolled behind the transom and off the o/riggers really produces.  I really WACK'D 'N STACK'D 'em when the Tuna were in the small baitfish mode.

HINT...HINT...HINT... If you decide to place a small plastic squid over the Cedar jig,  then make sure that squid is no bigger than 6 inches, or it will stop the Cedar jigs action. 

4" Cedar Daisy Chain $20.00.


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Natural action rigged Cedars with 3 double skirted T'Zers.     4" 
$20.00   or      6"   $23.00

Please Note: Both 4" and 6" natural daisy chains are now rigged with a detachable daisy chain so you can easily change up your presentation when you want to vary your 'offering'.

6" Cedar Daisy Chain $23.00


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