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Joe Bielawski, Founder, Author, CEO 

Hex Heads are available as pictured in Blue/White   Blue/Pink    Firetiger    LemonLime        Red/White

Natural action Hex Head Daisy Chain w Mylar.       $21.00      

Ancient Mariner's Sleek Action Hex Heads


​​​These have been around for a long, long time. They were designed a bit differently then. I HAVE updated THEM to perform better, in my estimation, including adding a multi mylar attractor which provides flash and increased action making it appear like a hurt fish. That's why I have re-included them in my spreads for a long time.

What colors? ZOUNDS! that IS a tough question that I have answered.
LEMON/LIME is an old standby.   I even have painted matching colores that I use to hide my hook. Along with the color matching T'ZERS out in front of this HEX HEAD, it will catch just about anywhere on the planet. I've shipped them as far away as TONGA. Find that one on your map!. I ADD a multi strip of MYLAR to these RIGS for great attraction.

BALLYHOO (Blue/Pink) an old warm water standby that has been catching on up in the Northeast regions and out in the Northwest coasts. This Blue/Pink color combo along with it's matching T'ZERS will perform AANNYYWWHHEERREE there is salt water. Just recently sent some down to the African coast for some of the fabulous Wahoo FISHERY. I HAD TO RUN SS COFFEE COLORED CABLE thru the lure and the T'ZERS to satisfy the customer.  These are also available in several other great colors.
Where to put 'em?:

Inshore, I would run them in the middle of my CEDAR spread OR by themselves, in the 3-5th wake waves. REMEMBER, get the main line down as LLOOWW as you can to the sea surface. These lures run better with your mainline AS CLOSE AS YOU CAN TO THE SEA SURFACE. Behind a TURBO TAILED BIRD? YES. Put this setup back 6 feet behind the TURBO TAILED BIRD. They seem to work better back there.

Offshore, I would put them back in the 4th-5th wake waves by themselves or with your other lures mixed in.

Off a rigger? By themselves or behind a TURBO TAILED BIRD? YES and YES. As long as you have those T'ZERS in front of each HEX HEAD, you're in business. How many in your pattern? Two(2) or three(3). Why? 'Cause these pull in fish on BOTH SIDES of your spread and create a big flash and splash like small feeding predators.



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