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Joe Bielawski, Founder, Author, CEO 

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Mahi Package $93.00

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Complete Mahi Package: $93 for $107 worth of lures.

OK.OK. I've done all the grunt work for you. Here is the sport fishing package you've been waiting for: 

  1. One bright yellow teaser bird
  2. Two  bait rigs behind 3 color matched teasers in lemon/lime and pink.   These rigs let you have all the  advantages of both bait and lures. You can run them anywhere in your spread. 
  3. Two  4 1/2 inch painted Cedar Torpedos behind three color matched teasers in blue/white and Mahi.     
  4. .One specially designed bullet daisy chain in Mexican flag.   This head is uniquely weighted and shaped for light to medium tackle.   

This  IS the way to go. This setup w
ill draw strike after strike after strike from MAHI'S and other Big Game species.  Why? This spread represents a whole school of small baitfish fleeing from small predators intent on feeding.  These are my preferred color choices for catching Mahi but you can substitute any color if you prefer.  Just let me know.


  Ultimate Mahi Catching Package