Watch the SMILE on the face of that special fisherman when he sees this setup!

Package contains:

One 18" 9 Squid Spreader bar rigged with lemon lime colored squids and a detachable color contrasting hook squid. Change it to whatever the fish want.  Run this just off the left corner back in the 3rd wake wave. If you have o/riggers, run it off the mid point of the rigger. Why? 'Cause the fish that hit this will come in from the chine wake that your boat puts out. It'll be right in their face as they investigate your spread. Click here to see a spreader bar.
SPREADER BAR  If you prefer your bar in one of the other colors I offer, let me know.

Two   4 inch Cedars Nothing beats the action of a cedar plug preceded by 3 flipping, popping T'Zers acting as a POINTER to your cedar.  Click here to see

Two   Tuna Turbo Tailed Birds on their own 200 pound leaders. These rigs HIDE the snapswivel and have a bead bearing to make this TUNA TURBO BIRD come alive and send out those "come get me " sounds that Tuna just love. The EXTRA squid body that hides that snap swivel acts just like a small baitfish running for it's life. These can be run in TANDEM or in front of any trolling lure setup. You can even run it in front of my 8 Squid Spreader bar to further enhance the rigs. Here is a picture of a Turbo Tailed Bird.

One  Custom Bullit with T'zers Hard working, specially designed head makes the Skirts SURGE and FLOW and MOVE. Click here to see a 

One   Tuna Clone.  These guys put out the correct trail that OUTLINES your lures. Fish down at 50+ feet will be drawn up to your spread because of all that white water and sound.

 Remember.....In the ocean you're eating or being eaten. You can't watch your tail and eat at the same time.

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Near Shore Trolling Spread $145.00

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Nearshore Trolling Package $172 worth of lures for $145.

The lures pictured are examples of what you will receive  You can choose the colors you prefer or I can recommend the best colors for the kind of fishing you will be doing. 

 Nearshore Sport Fishing Package

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