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Joe Bielawski, Founder, Author, CEO 

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Mini 18" bar double skirted octopus squid color choices are as pictured:  Blue and Pink, Red w Black bars and Yellow stripe, Pink, LemonLime, Black and Purple, Mexican Flag

Assault Squad 18" bar with 6 double skirted octopus squid teasers and 3 matching teaser birds. Available in the color combinations pictured:color choices are as pictured: 

mini 18" bar with  9 DOUBLE SKIRTED octopus squids and a 7/0 hook lure for $60.00 each.

New! 'Assault Squad' 18" bar combines the super attracting action of 3 teaser burds with 6 DOUBLE SKIRTED octopus squids and a 7/0 hook lure for $65.00 each.

 Real Action Spreader Bars:

18" Mini Bar $60.00
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Space age material and bullet proof construction give these unique hi-tech spreader bars their real life action.     36" $65.00   18" 60.00 or 65.00.

36" Bulb Squid Bar $65.00
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 standard 36" 3 Line with 11 bulb squids (deep sea) and an 8/0 hook lure  for $65.00.

 SQUID SIZE. Sure you can use 10, 12, even 16 inch squids ......If you're deep sea fishing after Giant Bluefin or 1000 pound Marlin.  Most bait that Yellowfin , Bluefin , Bigeye , Blackfin , Longfin all chase, subdue and eat are 6- 7 inch size bait.  They are tuned into that size first!  This 36" bar has 11 plastic bulb squids in that Tuna fooling size.  Everywhere in any ocean, just about ANY pelagic will hit that 6 - 7 INCH squid first.  The 18" bar has 4 1/2" octopus squid to mimic the smaller bait pods that roam inshore.

  BAR SIZES.  The 36" bar has 11 squids in 5 lines.  Lots of times when the wind starts to blow, the seas get up and ugly, and you can't hold your bars behind the boat where they belong,  my Squid bar will stay true and track right where you want them to be.   The Squid Bar should be run off the rod tip , clipped down low in a single tether will draw lots of looks and then hard hits from Tuna.  I always run 1 or three Squid bar setups if I'm fishing inside 50 fathoms.  My log shows that either run 1 or 3 Squid bars work better than 2.  Why?  I just don't know. I do know it works better that way.

Out in the deep where most bait balls are much larger,  I will run my Squid bars from the o/riggers. I will run one off each o/rigger and one off the shotgun position. See the law of three (3) again? I hope so.

Now comes the Tuna killer setup. I'll run one Squid bar off one corner.  Which corner ?  The upwind corner (change corners as the wind dictates).  I want that  Squid bar to SSSLLLOOOWWWLLLYYY slide up close to the white water and back out again.  This imitates a broken up bait ball where a small pod of bait is trying to GAIN the SAFETY of the big school.  Now add your favorite single lure into the mix, and you can't go wrong.  You will be on your way to join the 10% of the fisherman that catch 90% of the fish!

 The 36"  bar is the standard size to use on the offshore trolling grounds hunting for those big'uns.   But sometimes 'less is more' which is why I have developed the 18" version of  this great bar.  Some people prefer a smaller presentation, especially while fishing inshore or when the predators are homing in on smaller sized baits.  Others just don't want the hassle of handling and storing a larger bar but want the superior attraction that a bar provides.  This bar is for you! 

  I've been making and experimenting with spreader bars since they first came out. I've tried just about every bar available. I've settled on this type for a few reasons:

Bullet proof construction.   The bars are made in space age material that NASA uses in their shuttles.

Real Lifelike Action. Next time you watch fishing shows, watch how the bait ball acts. YES, they move in and out always trying to get inside the bait ball. Why? 'Cause inside lies safety, while outside means being eaten. MMMMMMMMM.

Space Age Material.   I went with this type BECAUSE, this bar actually makes each squid MOVE in and out, JUST like real bait ball fish. It imitates a lifelike bunch of squid, ALL trying to get INSIDE that bait ball.

   Watch those TV shows again and look at the squid bars again. Those others splash along IN A STRAIGHT line, unlike a real bait ball. My Squid BAR imitates a real bait ball. My squid, BECAUSE of the bar, weave, in and out, wiggle, squiggle, struggle, and jump just like the real thing. This turns on any Tuna school.

   Ever wonder WHY Tuna get turned on? Reread the above paragraph.

   My squid bars will pull any pelagics up from the thermocline where they rest during NON-FEEDING periods. In order to do this you have to make your Squid Bar resemble a bait ball being torn apart by other predators. That's why!
  Ever wonder HOW Tuna get turned on? Reread the above paragraph.

This 36" bar with the 6-7 inch sized squids is the mainstay of the commercial fleets, and lots and lots of the sport boats around the world.

These bars compliment each other and all the lures in your spread.  I must give you a WARNING.  PLACE the BARS OFF THE CORNERS of your transom OR off the short riggers.  WHY? ‘Cause you want these bars (single or both) to run OUT and away from your prop wash, BUT staying and swaying as close to that prop wash as you can put them.   REMEMBER, even when you catch fish on your other lures, YOUR BARS ARE WHAT CALLED THEM and HELD THEM.

 HOOK SIZE  ===== 36" bar has an 8/0 2XX (extra strength) with an elongated turned in barb for the best penetration possible. The 18" bar has a slightly smaller 7/0 2XX hook.  I try not use other steel hooks. If you loose the rig, the hook will rust out and keep that fish alive where thers will not and eventually kill the fish

BUILDING BLOCKS:  200 pound mono filament on the hook lure, 150 on the teasers.    Extra strength swivel for line attachment.   Loop protectors on the swivel.     Color plastic balls on both sides of the bar's main line to keep the bar where it belongs and to protect against chaffing.  Each bar has a different color hook lure.

HOOK LURE - all bars come with a  contrasting, weighted hook lure that rides behind and below the squid bar.  It is removable so you can change its style, size or color. The hook is painted to match the rest of the lure and is stiff rigged to keep it where it belongs.


Assault Squad Spreader Bar $65.00
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Limited Time Special

Enjoy a complementary storage bag with the purchase of any bar.

36" bulb squid color choices as pictured:

Blue and Pink,  GYO (zucchini), Black and Purple, Firetiger, Blue and White, Pink w black stripes.