Deltona, Florida    USA

Joe Bielawski, Founder, Author, CEO 

These are no longer available on my web site. Email me if you have any questions.

My rigs regularly catch wahoo but some colors and types definitely do outperform and I have modified them to specifically target those toothy ones on the medium fast troll.   Each of these lures is available rigged on 5 ft of H.D.cable, with 3 inline two oz egg sinkers to keep your rig down where the wahoo dwell, or unrigged for those who prefer to rig their own (Note the wahoo buster (cedar rig) will not have the weights.)

Featured Lure:

The WAHOO Buster 

​Purple Holo Cedar

Wahoo Buster -

purple holo cedar rigged with 7/0 2X cedar hook

BRB Bullet Bomber, Triple Skirted

weighted and rigged with an 8/0  2X hook.

  HOO Machine -

Black and Pink

weighted and rigged with a 9/0 2X hook.

HOO Flyer -

bullet weighted and rigged  with an 8/0  2X hook.  (shown unrigged)

Wahoo Food

These lures are also available unrigged.

NOTE: A HOO flyer can be rigged with any other color of bullet that I offer on this site, eg. pistelero, mahi magic...  Just send me a note.